Housing Assistance

Housing needs can affect your success in college. If you cannot cover their living expenses through financial aid or other benefits, we know that those barriers can make it difficult to get through a semester, and graduate. We don't want you to have to pick a place to live, over textbooks, or work so much to cover the bills that you can't attend classes. Here are some options available to those students who need support with housing costs. 

Emergency Funding Request

Students who want to be considered for additional funding assistance must submit an emergency funding request. Students may also be asked to provide supporting documentation. Funding requests may take up to 10 business days, and funding requests are not guaranteed.

Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness (SSEH) Grant

Program Overview

The Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness (SSEH) Grant assists students experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity or students in foster care when graduating from high school.

ANY current Washington State University student (regardless of what program they are in) who meets one of the eligibility requirements may be eligible to receive support from this grant. Please read below to see if you may qualify.

  • Eligibility for SSEH

    To qualify for this grant, you must fall into at least ONE of the following categories:

    • Currently experiencing homelessness
      • This could mean you are couch surfing, staying with family or friends, sleeping in a vehicle, etc. It could also mean you have a place to stay right now, but it is not a permanent, long-term situation.
    • Currently experiencing housing insecurity.
      • By this, we mean, are you unable to pay rent? OR Have you received an eviction notice? OR Are you worried you might lose your current housing? OR Are you worried about becoming homeless if you don't receive support?
    • Were in foster care at the time you graduated high school (or completed a high school equivalency)
  • What can the SSEH Grant help with?

    Eligible students may qualify for the following:

    • Emergency housing
    • Rental assistance
    • Eviction prevention
    • Utilities
    • Access to technology
    • Transportation assistance
    • Grocery assistance
    • Case management services/ connection to community resources.

Additional Resources

  • NW Justice Project provides legal assistance to eligible low-income families and individuals needing help with civil (non-criminal) legal problems in Washington state, including eviction help.

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