Get Involved with Cougs Feeding Cougs

The mission of the Cougs Feeding Cougs Advisory Board will help facilitate food insecurity efforts at WSU/Pullman as a multi-prong approach including the food pantry, meal-swipe programs, meal recovery efforts and in-person assistance.  Specifically, the Cougs Feed Cougs Advisory board will ensure that the food pantry’s schedule, allocation of resources, and provisions of the pantry support the interests of WSU students as the primary priority while also contributing to other shareholders across the community.

In fulfilling its mission, the Advisory Board will:

  • Encourage and improve the accessibility of Food Pantry related resources and functionality for all WSU students.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with the Food Pantry Operations staff in the development of long-range goals and short-term objectives.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with both the Compton Union Building (CUB) Operations staff and CUB Advisory Board to ensure the Cougar Food Pantry processes are in alignment with building and operational processes within the designated pantry location.
  • Assist with programing and other food insecurity efforts.

Board Members and Appointments

  • Ten (10) members. Six (6) of these members shall be students and Four (4) shall be faculty/staff members.
  • Student appointments shall be for a maximum of two consecutive semester terms if the appointees continuously remain in student status.
  • Faculty/Staff appointments shall be for two consecutive semester terms while remaining employed by Washington State University.